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Dorothy Renunites with Siblings

Dorothy, 66, is the daughter of a rolling stone (not the musicians but a wanderer!). Her father was absent in her life while he traveled around the country. Later in life, Dorothy found out she had 27 brothers and sisters that she had never met!

Her Wish of a Lifetime was to take the Amtrak to see her family members in California. She was raised partly in an orphanage and also in foster homes. For years, Dorothy has been documenting her life in hopes of putting it together in a tell-all book of her life. She has worked very hard to take care of herself and has an entrepreneurial spirit having owned several businesses including a food mart and a boutique. Dorothy is very proud to show off photos and a business card of a handbill distributing company and a scrap iron company that she owned. These businesses were employed by men and women from local homeless shelters.

Although she is currently disabled by lupus and severe fibromyalgia, she continues to make tamales and sell them for extra funds. She is an extremely positive and uplifting person; her home is filled with positive thinking boards and she refuses to feel sorry for herself. She has worked very hard throughout her life and continues to support her family. Money continues to be very tight, but she thinks positively and prays often! In September 2010, Dorothy left on a train with her daughter to visit family in Sacramento! Unfortunately, due to an accident on the track, she had to take a bus to Glenwood Springs. The bus was a bit harder for her with her illnesses but she was a trooper!

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