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Carolyn Reunites with Family in Ohio

Carolyn, 71, from Aurora, CO received her Wish of a Lifetime in the form of a visit to her family in Ohio on Oct. 25.

Carolyn, who grew up in Ohio, had not seen her family for 18 years. The trip was especially timely because her brother, age 62, had two heart-attacks and an open heart bypass operation in the past two years. She worried she wouldn’t be able to see him before he passed away. On the flight to and from Cincinnati, she was delighted to be switched to window seats in the bulkhead. “I’m afraid of heights, but I love to fly,” she said. While it was cloudy on the way to Ohio, on the flight back she was able to see all the way to the ground. She was fascinated at how the ground seemed to move by so slowly, even though she was traveling hundreds of miles an hour.

During the trip, Carolyn saw 12 members of her family, including two great-nieces and a great-nephew, whom she had never met before. In addition to her great-nieces and nephew, she visited her brother, sister, cousin, three nieces, and two nephews. She was grateful to see all of them. “It makes you realize how much they mean to you,” she says. Throughout the week Carolyn had a lot of fun with her family, playing games and eating out. “If it had been any more perfect, I’d be sure I’d died and gone to heaven,” she said. “I’ll never forget it.”

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