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Dr. R Celebrates his Jewish Heritage

Dr. Solomon R., 93, of Boynton Beach Florida realized early in his life that he was blessed with a wonderful singing voice. He became a Cantor, a religious official who performs sacred music during services, in his synagogue. However his true passion was medicine. He used his salary as a Cantor to put himself through medical school. Upon graduating, he was called into service in the Navy during WWII. His time healing wounded sailors deeply affected him. While stationed on a hospital boat in Japan, he treated many young, vulnerable men after battle. These memories are still difficult and emotional ones for him.

After serving in both the Navy and the Army, he began his own practice as a Doctor of Internal Medicine. A very caring man, he spent many years taking the best care of his patients that he possibly could. He now lives in Boynton Beach with his wife Shirley, and daughter Stephanie. Dr. R. is rarely able to leave The Pointe at Newport Place for religious services and missed the traditional Hebrew and Yiddish culture he participated in for most of his life. On June 25th Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale fulfilled Dr. R’s wish by providing a Jewish Klezmer band and traditional cuisine including Blintzes and Rugelach for him and his family. We collaborated with InSpirit, a nonprofit that aims to bring the joy and healing power of live music to isolated individuals, to fulfill this wish. Dr. Rosenberg was so appreciative that he was able to spend the day with his family while his wish was fulfilled!


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June 25, 2014