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Warren Sees His Farm From a New Perspective

Warren J., 93, of Clare Bridge in Troy, Ohio has always dreamed of  a hot air balloon to take in the sights around his farming community. After looking at hot air balloons on an In Touch machine at his community, his face lit up, and he knew it would be a Wish of a Lifetime to take a hot air balloon flight over his farm that has been in the family for over 100 years.

Warren is a very giving and hardworking individual. Farming was an integral part of his life for many years—he harvested corn, hay, and beans to make a living for his family. Not only did he farm, Warren worked on the county board fighting for soil conservation, and was a member of the school board as well. It is safe to say that Warren has been involved with the Troy community for many years, and additionally, he is a Veteran. Enlisting during WWII, Warren wanted to help fight for the United States and was stationed at Yale. Luckily, he was never sent to Europe during the war, but he did serve for a total of three years.

This farm has not only been a way for Warren to financially provide for his family, but it also served as a home to them for over a century. He has very strong ties to this farm emotionally—first belonging to his in-laws, it was later passed on to Warren and his wife. They lived there for over 60 years and raised a family. After leaving the farm for his wife’s various health concerns, it was then passed down to his daughter and son. Being able to go in a hot air balloon over his farm was his dream come true—it was like “looking down over his legacy”. Going in a hot air balloon over his farm was an incredible way for him to recount the hundreds of memories he made with his family while living there.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, with the gracious support of Its Never 2 Late, helped to fulfill Warren’s dream by sending him and his three children on a hot air balloon ride on July 18, 2014. He was able to view his beloved farm from above and reflect on the amazing life he has built for his children.

Thanks to The Carrs Photography for the beautiful photos of Warren’s Wish.

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