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Maggie Returns to Graceland

Maggie, a 66 year old native Texan, was born in Grand Prairie, TX, and raised in the greater Dallas area. At the age of eight, Maggie became a fan of Elvis Presley. For years, to the chagrin of her Baptist parents, she played his records, dancing around the house until her parents made her stop. Elvis has been the one truly constant source of joy in Maggie’s challenging life.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Maggie met and married her husband Kenneth. While raising 2 children, Maggie attended business school and started her own commercial cleaning business. She also volunteered at Scottish Rites Children’s Hospital, reading to children and teaching them how to walk. After 38 years of running a successful business, Maggie was forced to sell her business to attend to her terminally ill husband. Maggie always stuck by her husband’s side. “I took care of him for 2 and ½ years, and though it was difficult, I would do it again.”

During this difficult time, Maggie found comfort listening to Elvis music. She also found solace by viewing her extensive collection of Elvis dolls, books, newspaper articles, photos and other memorabilia. Returning to Graceland remains a top priority on Maggie’s bucket list.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale sent Maggie and her grandson Brandon on a trip to visit Graceland on July 14th, 2014. While in Graceland, Maggie and Brandon took the VIP tour of Elvis’ property. Maggie said she never thought she would get the chance to go to Graceland. ‘It was such a great experience,” Maggie said.

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