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David Goes Fly Fishing and Reunites with his Brother

David is a 68-year-old outdoors enthusiast residing in Westminster, CO. He spent many days fishing for trout in central Oregon in his twenties and thirties. Fishing was not David’s only passion, however. He volunteered in many different capacities whether it wasrepairing trails in the national forest, rebuilding a narrow gauge railroad, or acting as representative for the Boy Scouts of America. He always lent a hand when he could. Unfortunately, David was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in his forties, which has deterred him from his passions for a long time. Because of David’s history and passion for fishing, his Wish of a Lifetime was to spend a day fly fishing with his family in Kremmling, Colorado.

David grew up as the middle child, and was close with his brothers. It had been a long time since David had seen his brother Richard, as he resides in Tennessee. David felt that spending a few days with Richard in the mountains and taking a half-day fishing lesson would not only bring them closer, it would allow him to reconnect with the outdoors.

Wish of a Lifetime, with the generous help of Wonderbound, flew Richard to Colorado for a fly fishing weekend with David on July 22nd through July 25th, 2014. David, Richard, and David’s caregiver Ross spent half of a day fly fishing at Blue Valley Ranch in Kremmling, Colorado with the help and expertise of Char Bloom, WOL Board Member. Accommodations were graciously provided by Domus Pacis, a Breckenridge based non-profit who secured a beautiful condo for the three fisherman during their stay in the mountains. David’s Wish of a Lifetime gave these brothers time to reminisce, explore the mountains, and reclaim their passion for the outdoors.

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July 25, 2014