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Esther Attends Her 50th College Reunion

Some say college was the best time of their life; Esther says college helped set the stage for the best possible life. Esther, 71, of Columbus, Ohio, would know. She is a tough, yet kind woman who believes she has lived a very full life and continues to do whatever it takes to fill the rest of her life with substance, passion and love.

Esther has dedicated her life to helping others though her church. She taught in the Sunday school every week and volunteered at her church in any and every capacity. Her strong sense of spirituality has always inspired her to live a life of meaning and purpose, despite suffering from significant health issues. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis early in her life, but has remained strong and focused on always finding the good in her situation. Esther also credits her time and experience at Milligan College with providing her the tools to build a life filled with happiness and peace.

Milligan College is a private school in a small Tennessee town. Esther graduated in 1965, 50 years ago, and has incredibly fond memories of from her time in college. It was there that she discovered her passion for teaching and fostered many incredible friendships. While earning her teaching degree, Esther bonded with like-minded individuals, those friendships have stood the test of time. Esther is still close with her college roommate, Martha, and laughs as she recounts the jokes, fun and meaning that built their friendship.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were elated to send Esther, her husband John, and her son Sean, back to Milligan College. There, Esther had the opportunity to reconnect with a time in her life that she holds near and deal to her heart. She got to relive some of her favorite college stories, visit with professors, and reunite with old friends. It truly was a dream come true.

Thank you to Catherine Hester with The Creative Edge Imagery for capturing Esther’s wish!

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