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Eugene has a KC Royals Experience at his Community

Eugene, 87, has had a life-long passion for Royals baseball. Being a long time Kansas City resident, he attended games in his youth while always exuberating pride for his city.  Though attending a Royals game is currently not feasible for him, he still smiles ear to ear with the thought of the boys taking on the field; therefore, his wish was to have a Royals experience at his Brookdale community.

Eugene grew up as the oldest son on his father’s farm where they raised hogs and cattle. He worked for the Corps of Engineers where he helped local farmers with advice towards a smart business plan needed in order to reach success in the city while it was developing. With that, he also helped design the Smithville area in the Northern part of the Kansas City Metro.

Alex, Eugene’s nurse, speaks highly of him as she states, “When people think of sports, they generally think of youth. They don’t necessarily think about the parents that raised the players, the grandparents that raised them, etc. On the other hand, when people think of their city, they don’t think of the people that built it. Eugene took a large part in making our city great—he reminds me that this city was built from the bare hands of hard-working men, raised on good old-fashioned values.”

Working as an industrious individual, Eugene also raised three boys and instilled in them strong values and moral characteristics. Eugene was always an avid “church-goer” as well. He took part in helping to establish his church in Kansas City and believed strongly in the doctrine of the Lutheran church.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to make Eugene’s Wish to relive his Royals baseball days a reality by creating an experience for the game on July 9, 2016. The community was decorated in a “stadium” theme with Royals decor and a framed signed picture of the stadium. Eugene also received a signed baseball from Mike Moustakas, the Royals 3rd baseman, and also a Mike Moustakas banner that Eugene can hang in his room. Eugene was over the moon as he stated “this was better than any game I could have gone to!”

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Photography Credits: Sharyl Salmonson, Laughter Loves Photography

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