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Joyce Goes Parasailing

Joyce, 77, has always shared a deep connection with Lake George in New York, a place that holds many fond memories including swimming, water-skiing and bathing in the sun with her family. One moment in particular, though, brings her the most joy—the memory of her son at age 15 parasailing through the sky. Ever since that moment, Joyce knew parasailing sat at the top of her list.

Joyce grew up in New York where she eventually married and had three children—two daughters and a son. As a wife, mother and programmer at Bell Labs, it is amazing to think that Joyce had any free time to invest in her community. However, she dedicated her time to a myriad of organizations, all of which centered on giving back to the community. Joyce worked with girls scouts for 10 years and explorer scouts for 20 years. While working with the scouts, Joyce led various activities, including efforts to increase recycling and clean up the community parks. In addition, Joyce was a mentor for kids in the Newark area.

Throughout her life, she has remained a family-oriented person. After her husband died, she has cherished the memories she has gathered from Lake George. “Lake George and I have been buddies for many, many years,” she said. Parasailing through the sky with her family cheering her on below would be Joyce’s ultimately Wish. Due to poor health and the lack of a companion, though, Joyce has been withheld from fulfilling her dream until now.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale partnered together to send her and her grandson, Brian, sailing over Lake George on July 16, 2016. In addition, Stephanie Batik, of upstateNYphotography, was able to go to the family home and take pictures of Joyce, her children and grandchildren all together playing on the lake, at the house, and a nearby church. All of Joyce’s family was proud as they watched her soar over Lake George. Joyce’s daughter said, “Dad was more of the daredevil—parasailing would be the kind of thing he would have done, but not mom. It seemed like she was channeling him; he wasn’t there physically, but he was definitely there in spirit. She hasn’t stopped smiling since!”

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