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Flo Celebrates her 91st Birthday in Canada

As the mother figure of her nine siblings and as a mother of two children, family means the world to Flo, 90, of Stoughton, WI. Flo, her son Terry, and daughter Sharon, have always been a close, tight-knit family. Sharon lives close to Flo and often visits her mother. Terry and his family live in London, Ontario in Canada. Flo’s Wish of a Lifetime was visit Terry in Canada with Sharon.

Flo was the eldest of ten children. In her early 20’s, Flo had to take on the responsibility of raising her younger brothers and sisters, in addition to raising her own son and daughter. Flo raised her siblings and her family “with difficulty,” but got through because she was very strong in her faith. Flo was very involved at her church and the charities that they supported. “Anything that she can do to help people, she will be the first in line,” said her son, Terry. “She’s done so many things for so many people,” said her daughter, Sharon. Flo enjoyed quilting and donated her quilts, she also enjoyed freezing and canning foods that she donated, she was often in charge of bake sales, and she volunteered at nursing homes. Flo was also involved with the Friendship Force, a nonprofit cultural exchange organization. Flo hosted people from all over the world. “We always had a house full of people,” said Sharon. “She was always helping everyone with anything from taking care of someone who is sick or having an open house during the holidays,” said Terry.

Currently, Flo is struggling with her health situation. “She has always been the leader and always helped everyone. Now that she needs help, it’s hard for her to accept it,” said Terry. Before her health declines any further, Flo wanted to visit Terry in London, Ontario in Canada. Terry and his wife, Robin, recently moved into a new home where they expect to retire. Flo was very excited that her son moved to a new home and would love to see it for the first time. Due to Flo’s health, “This would undoubtedly be the last time she will get to visit,” said Terry. “For her to see the home he will retire in would help her say her goodbyes and know that he will be okay,” said Sharon.

With the help of Wish of a Lifetime, Flo and Sharon were able to visit Terry at his new home in Canada in January 2017, just in time for Flo’s 91st birthday.

Photos Courtesy of Terry and Sharon

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January 1, 2017