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Gene Reunites With His Brother, Sherwin

Eugene Tycher, age 80, of Colorado Springs and his younger brother, Sherwin Tycher, age 67 of Chicago, IL have spent far too many years apart. The Tycher brothers long to reconnect again after 22 long years without seeing each other. Early in his career, Gene moved to Colorado while Sherwin remained in the Midwest and enlisted in the Navy. Gene wistfully explains that, “all of my other family members, aunts, cousins, uncles, are all dead except for Sherwin. He is the last living person in my family!” After Eugene moved to Colorado 30 years ago, he would try and go back to visit Sherwin regularly but then he fell on some hard times medically and financially. With neither of these brothers ever having any children of their own, they have great fondness for each other, their last living relatives. Gene talks with longing about his desire to see his brother again after so many years, “to talk about old times, go out to a nice restaurant, and maybe see a movie.”

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