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Harriet Goes Dogsledding

Harriet M., 90, has always had a penchant for adventure. Throughout her life, she has striven to live her passion of adventure by travelling to various locations. About 7 years ago she had the opportunity to travel to Alaska where she was scheduled to go on a dog-sledding tour. However due to inclement weather the tour was cancelled; the helicopter was not able to fly them to the remote location where the tour would take place. That was one thing that Harriet deeply regrets that she never had the opportunity to do; and since she lives in Petal, MS, she does not reside near an area that would allow her to fulfill this wish with out travelling to another location.

Harriet has dedicated most of her life to serving others. First and foremost, she is incredibly giving towards her family. On a weekly basis Harriet watches her great grandchildren after they get out of school. Harriet has been a member of the Red Hat Society for nearly 12 years. She provides rides to several of the members on a weekly basis and also makes all the costumes for the group. One friend of hers in particular is living with a debilitating disease that makes it difficult for her to get anywhere without Harriet’s assistance. On a yearly basis, Harriet also contributes to a local Christmas shoebox drive for needy children through her church. Although she loves to volunteer, she has become quite limited in the activities she is able to participate in because of her age.

Due to Harriet’s caring nature and adventurous spirit, Wish of a Lifetime was excited to grant Harriet’s wish to go dog-sledding. Harriet traveled with her daughter Jane to Breckenridge, Colorado February 22, 2017 and took a one hour dog-sledding adventure with the President of Wish of a Lifetime’s Board, Char Bloom, and other Wish of a Lifetime staff members. Special thanks to Keystone Resort for accommodations, Good Times Adventures for the dog-sledding experience, Haywood Cafe, Bighorn Restaurant, and Summit Multimedia for making this wish incredible special. After the tour was over Harriet stated that she loved it but wish that she could have gone faster! Her daughter Jane stated that it was something neither one of them will never forget.

Photography Credits- Sally Webster

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