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LaVerda H. Visits Grand Canyon

LaVerda, 90, of Alvadore, OR is described by those who love her as a “very caring, very loving, and very selfless” person. LaVerda has always been intrigued by the grand beauty of the Grand Canyon. Even though LaVerda and her husband would go to Arizona often, she was never able to visit the Grand Canyon. LaVerda and her husband would be as close as 36 miles away from the Grand Canyon; however she was never allowed the opportunity to visit the historic site. This is why LaVerda’s Wish of a Lifetime was to visit the Grand Canyon.

Over the course of her life, LaVerda has had to endure several health related issues that have tremendously impacted her quality of life. Over 60 years ago, LaVerda was in a severe accident that left her with many lifelong injuries. In 2002 she had open heart surgery, then, in 2004 had a severe stroke. Not only did LaVerda have to overcome various health issues, but also familial issues. LaVerda lived in a controlling marriage for 69 years, and was unable to fulfill her dream because of her husband’s controlling nature. LaVerda’s granddaughter, Brandee, had said being able to “see God’s creation, and experience the grandeur of that” will bring LaVerda tremendous joy and permit her to experience something that she’s always wanted to do.

On February 22nd 2017, thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel, LaVerda was able to fully experience and enjoy everything the Grand Canyon had to offer. During her two night stay in Williams, AZ, LaVerda was able to enjoy a luxury parlor class train ride to the Grand Canyon in addition to a South Rim motor coach tour with her daughter Sandra.

Photo Credit: Photography by Terri – Terri Attridge

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