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Hazel T., 77, Travels To The Holy Land Experience For The First Time

Hazel T. (76) is a devout Christian. She loves the Bible and knows every story by heart. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to go to Israel and experience the stories for herself. As she has gotten older, she has lost hope of being able to because it is no longer feasible for her to travel overseas. When a friend returned from the Holy Land Experience and said it was an exact replica, Hazel’s dream was revived.

Hazel is a woman with a big heart and has dedicated a lot of her time to others. After getting divorced, she raised her 8 children on her own, while working for the government! She also gave back to those less fortunate through the church and the food bank. Hazel has faced many hardships, including losing her mother when she was young, losing her son, and getting divorced, but has not let any of them break her. Instead, they have strengthened her by strengthening her faith in God. Hazel has used her faith to help others find theirs.

Wish of a Lifetime was absolutely thrilled to be able to send Hazel to Orlando, Florida on April 25th and organized a special day at the Holy Land Experience. Hazel and her son Chris spent the holy day with photographer Carmen Blackwell, touring the entire grounds. Hazel was touched by the whole day, and remembers every expo very clearly. “I would not have done anything different in my wildest dreams”. Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to hear Hazel’s positive review of her trip, and hopes her wish keeps her connected to her faith for many years to come.

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