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Eloise E. Goes to Holy Land Experience

Eloise E. (90) has seen many of her loved ones pass away. Her strong faith in her religion has gotten her though these difficult losses. Eloise has always wanted to go to Israel, but has never had the finances to do so. Eloise has wanted to go visit the Holy Land Experience ever since it was first built and she saw it on TV.

Eloise is a loving older adult who has always put the needs of others above her own. Her primary responsibility as a mother was taking care of her 7 children while her husband was serving in the war. Eloise has also worked at a hospital as a caregiver for older adults, and as a child care provider to families. She has served on the volunteer council for Denver housing authority and volunteered for the Salvation Army. She has always made herself available to help others.

On April 19th, Wish of a Lifetime was able to send Eloise and her daughter Rachel to visit the Holy Land Experience in Orlando in spring 2017. Eloise was able to experience everything the Holy land Experience had to offer. Her daughter Rachel stated that this experience “Helped ground her” further adding that “it was significant because at this point in her life, as she draws towards her future, it helped fortify her belief in her faith”.

Photography Credit: Carmela Blackwell Photography

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