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Jack Spends the Day with Show Horses

Jack P., 84, of Clare Bridge Sarasota in Florida spent the majority of his life showing horses. He grew up on a farm in Michigan and throughout the years has shown many award winning horses all over the country. Unfortunately, due to his health, Jack hasn’t had the chance to go to a farm or see any horses in many years. Jack’s Wish of a Lifetime was to spend a day at a farm with some show horses.

Jack started showing horses at a young age, but had to take a break from it while serving in the military. He was a member of the first ever Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit (or M.A.S.H. unit) during the Korean War. Upon completion, Jack came back to the US and continued showing horses. He bred and showed many horses alongside his wife, Sally. Her passing was particularly tough on Jack, as she was the love of his life. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were more than happy to give Jack the opportunity to relive such an important aspect of his life and sent him to Fairwin Farm in Sarasota on July 15th, 2013.


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July 15, 2013