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James Celebrates his Passion for Wine in Napa Valley

James W., 90, of the Sterling House on Parkway in Denton, TX, is a compassionate man who has overcome many obstacles in his life. James and his wife visited Napa Valley in 1949, where his love of wine first began. James is always reminiscing about all of the wonderful wines that he has tasted in his life, and it was his Wish of a Lifetime to go back.

James is a WWII veteran who proudly served in the army for three years as a paratrooper. After returning from the war, he ran an art league in Elkhart, IN where he brought together painters from around the U.S. to paint portraits around the city. Recent health complications have kept James from partaking in many of his favorite activities such as painting, but wine tasting is something that continues to provide him with an unmatched sensory experience. Recently, James formed a Wine and Cheese Tasting program at his Brookdale community. James selects the wine and informs the residents about the wine and how to pair it with cheese and food.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, James’ dream came true on May 29th, 2014. James visited Napa to tour wineries and do some private tastings. The trip was unbelievably special not only for James and his companions, but for everyone who heard his story.


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