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Joan, 80, Returns to Cheer on her Favorite Basketball Team

Joan, 80, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a caring, outgoing woman who loves connecting with people. Joan struggles with some developmental delays, but has still been very involved in helping others. She worked for The Center of Family Love for ten years, working to support and advocate for others who struggle with developmental delays. Joan’s positively and thirst for life radiates all throughout her Brookdale community. She loves talking to people, making jokes, and, most of all, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Joan Wished to attend her first OKC Thunder basketball game.

According to her nominator, Joan loves the Thunder and has watched every game since the Thunder came to Oklahoma City many years ago. She knows everything about the team and watches them in good times and bad. In addition, Joan always knows when the Thunder are playing and is sure to remind all of her friends and staff at Brookdale about the timing of the upcoming game. Watching Thunder games is Joan’s favorite thing to do, and she is unconditionally committed to her basketball team.

Wish of A Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were extremely happy to be able to grant Joan’s wish and send her and her sister to a Thunder game. This wish connected Joan with her favorite team and honored her incredible dedication to the Thunder. Joan enjoyed a pregame photoshoot by Sarah Vorva and was thrilled to be able to watch her Thunder beat the Boston Celtics. Joan’s sister, Irene, said, “It was refreshing to see my sister totally in her element.”

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