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Roger Sees the Car Building Process

Roger, 86, is a native of Houston, Texas and a passionate car enthusiast. Roger dreamed of being a mechanic when he was a child, but several health concerns inhibited him from reaching his dream. Since he was unable to work with cars, Roger went to school and became a lecturer, author and story teller for many years. In addition to his very fulfilling and busy career path, Roger was also committed to taking his family on service trips to other countries. Despite leading a very selfless life, Roger always held on to his passion for cars and still holds that spark to this day.

Roger wished to learn more about how cars are built and relive his special memories related to cars. Wish of A Lifetime, SCA and Brookdale Senior Living were absolutely thrilled to grant Roger’s Wish and send him and his family to Classic Cars of Houston. Roger was able to get a full private tour of the shop, inspect many antique cars and even got a chance to ride around in a few cars with the manager. Roger was smiling from ear to ear during his entire wish experience, and he was so thankful to be reconnected with his lifelong passion.

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