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John Revitalizes His Passion for Golf

John has been an avid golf enthusiast for many years. After retirement, John had dreams of opening a bed and breakfast and spending his days golfing with his wife and friends in Cripple Creek, CO. Unfortunately, a few years after retirement, John suffered a stroke that physically impaired his ability to play the beautiful sport he loved so much. That never deterred John’s passion for the game, as he became a devoted spectator rather than a player. He speaks highly of just how much the game means to him, and nothing triggers his emotions more than golf does.

Through every obstacle—the passing of his wife, his stroke and other health complications—John has overcome it with positivity. Despite growing older, golf remains a constant in John’s life. When asked what John loved about golf, he responded, “Everything. Golf is beautiful.”

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to send John to the 2015 HealthOne Colorado Open Championships on July 26, 2015 at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club. John and his two friends of nearly 40 years, Cindy and Dan, attended the final day of the tournament where they had the opportunity to meet some of the leaders, follow a round of golf in golf carts through the beautiful course, and enjoy lunch at Green Valley Ranch with his friends courtesy of the Colorado Open Golf Foundation. Cindy and Dan said that John had a wonderful time outside and being part of the event. Thank you to Think Darryl Photography who captured John’s Wish of a Lifetime!

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