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George Travels to Destin, FL

George, 74, of Ridgely, Tennessee, is a hardworking, kind older adult with a passion for firefighting and farming. For the last several years, George has wanted to visit Destin, Florida to experience “heaven on Earth” as his late son has described it, but has faced many obstacles that has prevented him from doing so. George’s Wish of a Lifetime is spending time in Destin with his wife and two children, Sara and Adrian.

George has lived in Tennessee for a long time with his family and has led a life full of service to others in need. George has been a key contributor to his community having served as a volunteer firefighter for 40 years. He has also occupied several careers including a farmer, a truck driver, and a police officer. George is currently battling multiple myeloma bone and plasma cell cancer. He has battled this disease fiercely for six years and continues to do so after a brief remission. George’s resilience and “never-give-up” attitude is an inspiration to many. George and his family were absolutely ecstatic at the opportunity to go to Destin, Florida. Through going to Destin, George was able to honor his late son whom he had a special relationship with and cemented his legacy as a true hardworking family man by spending quality time with the most important people in his life. George has worked very hard to provide for his family. Giving George the opportunity of a trip provided the peace and happiness he deserves.

Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to fulfill George’s wish. This wish took place from July 27th to July 31st, 2015. George relaxed on the beach and enjoy uninterrupted time with family. During their time in Destin, George and his family visited the Gulfarium Marine Park, spent each morning on the beach, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. A big thank you to Rosie Highers who captured George’s wish.

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