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Johnnie Reconnects With Her Sister

Johnnie Potts, 97, of Oklahoma City holds family near and dear. She was raised with three siblings, and although she had a special relationship with all of them, two of them have already passed away. Johnnie has not seen her older sister, Ivory in more than a decade. She wishes, more than anything, to be reunited with her. Although the sisters talk on the phone very often, Johnnie reflected that seeing her sister would mean the world to her.

Johnnie spent her entire life raising her daughter. When her daughter unexpectedly passed away, Johnnie shifted her focus to her two granddaughters. Johnnie devoted many years to raising her granddaughters. In addition to her sacrifice for her family, Johnnie has always loved working with children. Whenever she had free time, she loved volunteering with foster children as a mentor. Johnnie’s willingness to help others is admirable and Wish of a Lifetime was proud to honor Johnnie’s commitment to others by reuniting her with her sister.

On August 5th, 2015, Wish of A Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living sent Johnnie and her beloved granddaughter to Atlanta to reunite with Ivory. Ivory and Johnnie spent two days together. The sisters had a wonderful family dinner that brought their children together once again. Johnnie and Ivory were able to spend hours talking and catching up. Johnnie reflected that this wish provided her with two amazing days that she will never forget, and has provided her with a renewed sense of energy that she has not felt in years.

Thanks to Greggo Lee for photographing this amazing reunion.

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