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Kathleen has a recognition ceremony

According to those that know her, “Helping others is just what Kathleen does.” Kathleen, 91, of Brookdale Sun City West Sandridge, strongly believes in charity and giving. Throughout her life, she has volunteered for numerous causes, such as fundraising for a community hospital, fixing up used clothing for a clothing donation site, volunteering at a women’s domestic abuse center and regularly participating in “Walk for a Cure” breast cancer fundraisers until she was in her late 80s.

For over 40 years, Kathleen was heavily involved with United Commercial Travelers (UCT)—a nonprofit, fraternal organization that raises money for different charities and encourages its members to volunteer in their communities. Kathleen has fond memories of her time in UCT. Her wish was to reconnect with her passion for UCT and share her accomplishments with her peers.

Kathleen joined UCT in the early 1970s and stayed involved because she “liked what they stood for.” She held several positions at the local and regional levels until she eventually became the Supreme Counselor. As Supreme Counselor, she focused on growing the UCT family by traveling around the country to meet new friends and renew old friendships. She spread her positivity using her motto, “EGBOK,” meaning “everything is going to be OK.” After her time as Supreme Counselor, Kathleen continued to be an active member of UCT for over 40 years. Today, she still cherishes the memories and friendships she made through UCT.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living, Kathleen reconnected with her passion for UCT and shared her accomplishments with her peers. At her community, she was honored for her dedicated service and celebrated for her accomplishments. Her son and daughter joined in the celebration. “She was grateful for being recognized,” said her nominator and Resident Program Manager, Penny. “She sat up straight and waved proudly to the crowd.”

Photos by Cindy Quinn of CMQ Photos

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