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Keith goes to a UW Badgers Football Game

Keith, 71, of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, has always loved football. In high school, he was the quarterback of the football team and his wife (girlfriend at the time) was a cheerleader. “Football was their life,” according to his daughter, Laurie. Born and raised in the Wisconsin area, Keith always roots for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. His Wish of a Lifetime was to attend a Badgers football game.

Keith is a big family man who took great care of his loved ones for as long as he could. He worked as an architect and loved his career. In his early 50s, Keith was diagnosed with early onset Huntington’s disease and started having difficulty with his speech. As the Huntington’s disease progressed, Keith was forced to retire early.

Keith can no longer communicate verbally, but shows his love for football in other ways. According to his social worker Yvonne, his eyes and face light up when he sees a football or when someone talks to him about the subject. “I wish I could take a video of his eyes,” she said. “Even a picture of him when he sees a football would inspire others.”

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime, Keith, along with his daughter Laurie and son Mike, attended a University of Wisconsin Badgers Football game, allowing him to enjoy the feeling of comradery and the stimulation once again. When the Badgers won the game, Keith joined in on the post-win celebration and took part in the “5th Quarter” experience, a special University of Wisconsin tradition. After the game, Keith was escorted down to center field, greeted by the players, and presented with a signed football.

Photos courtesy of UW Athletics “Badgers Give Back” and Keith’s family

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