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Larrie Visits West Coast Game Park

Larrie, 78, of Brookdale Roseburg has had a passion for animals ever since he was young. He still clearly remembers petting a lion cub when he was attending the University of Minnesota as if it had just happened last week. There were workers who came from a game reserve with lion cubs and Larrie was lucky enough to have the unique experience to pet one of them. There was something magical about petting a lion cub and he still thinks of how soft and thick their fur was.

When Larrie was in the Air Force, he worked with German Shepherds who helped the men on the ground, and he helped train police dogs when he was in law enforcement. Larrie has visited the Wildlife Safari near his home base but they do not provide the services to allow their visitors to pet lion cubs. It’s now been over 50 years since Larrie first discovered his love for animals and Wish of a Lifetime was excited to help Larrie relive that exhilarating experience by sending him and his wife to West Coast Game Park.

Larrie has exhibited many personal sacrifices in his lifetime by being a part of the Air Force, the Army, and also local law enforcement. For 6 years he was part of the fire control system for mechanics where he took care of machine guns. He said that he was typically in the air on the F-100 plane and enjoyed his experience helping take care of the equipment. After he finished his service in the Air Force, Larrie joined the Army, where he was an officer for another 2 years. He then became part of law enforcement for the rest of his life.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale took Larrie and his wife, Beverly, to West Coast Game Park in Bandon Oregon with companions Sandra and Sarah. The staff at West Coast Game Park were careful to make sure both Larrie and his wife were comfortable and safe while interacting with the animals. Larrie was able to connect with his passion for animals by feeding deer and petting both lion and bear cubs. “Life is not about getting old. It is about going after your dreams and goals, no matter what your age is.” – Larrie, 78
Photography by: Robert, Vocal Eyes Photography

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