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Rose Reunites With Her Son

Rose, 85, from Brookdale Phillippi Creek in Sarasota, Florida, has not seen her beloved son in 10 years. Due to unfortunate health situations and tight finances for them both, neither one has been able to travel to see the other. Her son is her only child and it has been extremely difficult for her to be so distanced from him. In thinking about what she would like to do more than anything, she knew that it would be reuniting with her son.

Before her husband passed a few years ago, his health began steadily declining. Through that whole time, Rose never left her husband’s side. She was dedicated to being present with him, no matter what. She and her husband were very close and lived such a full life with one another. They were involved in their community both separately and together. He served the United States in the Marine Corps and was afterward employed by the government. She participated in a women’s club dedicated to women who were wives of men working for the government. Together, they volunteered as guardian ad litems; individuals who are civilian advocates appointed to investigate what situations and solutions are most fitting for other individuals in a court setting, particularly minors. They were childhood sweethearts and were tremendously devoted to their community and each other.

Despite the tremendous tragedy of losing her husband, Rose has remained very active in her Brookdale community. She has helped recruit residents for activities, set-up and clean-up programs, has even volunteered to help residents in intensive memory care, and in her own free time likes enjoys participating in bridge, bochi ball, general fitness, and even volleyball. She is always eager and excited to help in whatever ways she can. When presented with the chance to have a wish granted, she was certain that she would love to reunite with her son. From August 15-18, Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to provide Rose with the opportunity to be reunited at last with her adored son for the first time in over a decade. Michelle, Rose’s friend and wish companion, said, “Rose was so happy to see her family.” Heather, Rose’s granddaughter, said, “I have not seen my father smile like this in ages.”

Photography by: Andrew Carretto, Carretto Studio Photography

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