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Lavinia Goes to Gatlinburg, TN with Family

Nothing makes Lavinia, 78, of Statesboro, Tennessee, feel more at peace than a breathtaking mountain landscape. The Great Smoky Mountain Range, visible from Gatlinburg, Tennessee—a place Lavinia and her family visited annually throughout her youth—is the one place she longs to visit once more.

Lavinia is a Tennessee native, growing up in Statesboro. With her husband, Walt, being a Navy veteran, the couple has resided in Germany, England and Charleston, South Carolina during their lives together. Some of Lavinia’s favorite things include studying her family genealogy, watching dog shows, collecting antiques, and attending science fiction/fantasy conventions. Lavinia and her husband opened the first Humane Society in Statesboro and Lavinia opened an antique shop/bookstore there. Throughout her life, Lavinia has celebrated her passions through service and sharing them with others.

Because Lavinia has such fond, peaceful memories of her annual vacations to Gatlinburg, her Wish of a Lifetime was to go just once more. With 20 years spanning since her last visit, a cabin getaway in the mountains celebrating her 49th wedding anniversary to Walt was just what Lavinia needed.

Wish of a Lifetime was excited to make Lavinia’s wish a reality by sending Lavinia and her husband, Walt, to Gatlinburg. Lavinia’s children and grandchildren were also able to join them. Lavinia had the opportunity to once more return to her favorite location and spend much needed time with her family. She had an incredible time making new memories with her family that she will cherish forever.

Photography Credits: Reid Fuller

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