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Lifetime Artist Returns to Her Craft

Peggy, 86, of Horizon Bay Retirement Center in Wichita Falls, Texas, has a great love and appreciation of the arts and creativity. As an artist, she has explored various mediums, such as oil painting, crafting, and sewing. Peggy’s wish of a lifetime is to take a ceramics class so that she can bring closure to her desire to explore another art experience.

Creativity has always been in Peggy’s nature. She taught high school Home Economics for five years and elementary school for 2 years. She has been interested in the arts and crafting since she was a little girl because in her own words, “ it makes the world more beautiful”. After a couple years of teaching, Peggy and her husband adopted three children. She soon realized that her children unfortunately had special needs, so she decided to quit her job and be a full time care-giver for them. She provided care through physical and emotional support, and heavy involvement in Special Education. Even now, Peggy is still acting as a caregiver for her grown children. For instance, even though she does not have enough money to travel, Peggy spent 5 weeks with her son after he risked amputation in his leg due to a blood clot. Unfortunately she has health problems of her own, but despite this Peggy has always acted as a caregiver for her children and put their needs above her own.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale made Peggy’s wish a reality by sending her to Soulflame Pottery in Ft. Worth, Texas on April 19, 2014 to take a ceramics class and learn how to hand-build and throw clay. With her two friends, Elida and Ginger, she learned the various firing techniques and took home two of her own clay creations!

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