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Lois Enjoys a Theatre Performance Again

Lois W. (82) of Brookdale North Boynton Beach originally submitted a Wish to attend a theater performance at a nearby performing arts facility, however Lois suffers from severe Crohn’s Disease. Recently her disease has gotten so severe that Lois is now unable to leave her community, therefore the vision of the Wish in general changed to accommodate Lois at her Brookdale Community.

The Wish transitioned to a theater performance being held at the Brookdale Community. Lois worked within the school district for many years among the theater children. She loved to teach and act amongst the children and ultimately thus is what ignited her passion and love for the theater itself. Going to the theater was once a special time that Lois remembers fondly. She commented that attending the theater, “was simply the happiest of memories to her”.

Lois hasn’t attended the theater in over 20 years and with the help of Wish of a Lifetime Lois was able to enjoy a theater performance from the comfort of her community. Lois’s Crohn’s Disease did not prohibit her from enjoying her Wish and reminiscing on a quite happier time within her life. From a young age Lois showed that she had an intense drive towards serving others. This drive came from within her and the love that she put into raising her four daughters. She devoted everything she had to raising her children and their well-being. Her program director Nancy commented that within her Brookdale Community she may be a very quiet woman but she is extremely helpful and thoughtful. Nancy commented that she believes that Lois was born to help others, she explained Lois’s personality by stating, “she’s a volunteer at heart, a giver”. Although Lois does not necessarily enjoy being a part of the activities at the Brookdale community she is always willing to step up and give a helping hand to Nancy.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living are beyond excited that we were able to bring a theater performance full of Broadway show tunes and piano pieces to Lois at her community. Although Lois was unable to leave her community due to her Crohn’s Disease we at Wish of a Lifetime did not believe that this should prohibit her from still getting the opportunity to have this final Wish. The Maltz Jupiter Theatre brought an arrangement of student performers to the Brookdale community to perform for Lois on Sunday March 19th. Lois was joined by 9 of her relatives including 3 of her daughters to celebrate in the party of sorts that took place at the Brookdale community. While watching the performance Lois sat smiling with a crown upon her head, other residents and family by her side and all the sweet treats and snacks you could imagine. As stated by Lois after the Wish, “oh my goodness i’ll tell you what, were all still in amazement (of this day).”

Photos Courtesy of Lara Rose Photography

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