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Cee Cee sees Cirque du Soleil

Cecilia S., or “Cee Cee” as she is fondly called, is an inspiring woman who has never given up on a unique dream. Starting in the 1980’s, Cee Cee, now 77, started seeing commercials and ads in the newspaper for a new, highly acclaimed, live theater production called “Cirque du Soleil.” This remarkable older adult has been a hard-working, single mother to two sons all her life. With a long career working at the front desk of Marriott hotels in Colorado and California, Cee Cee’s life has been one marked by tremendous sacrifice and devotion to her boys, always putting their needs ahead of her own. While Cee Cee has long wanted to see Cirque du Soleil, which would be her first live theater show ever, she was never able to make this dream a reality. Cee Cee elaborates what seeing this production would mean to her: “This would be a very emotional experience being that I never thought it could happen. I grew up in the country and have had few opportunities throughout life to ever witness a live production as great as Cirque du Soleil. It’s a fascinating world to me.”

Wish of a Lifetime is thrilled be granting Cee Cee’s wish, a longtime dream that she never gave up on. She will be sitting up close and center watching Cirque du Soleil’s world renowned show, Luzia~A Waking Dream of Mexico, in San Jose. Upon hearing that she will finally be getting to see her first live theater show in grand style, Cee Cee exclaimed, through tears “I have always wished that one day before I leave this earth I would get to experience such an exciting show! Getting to go is an answer to my prayers!” On Sunday March 19th, Cee Cee and her companion, Lesli Lewis, traveled from Sacramento to San Jose, CA to see the Cirque Du Soleil production of Luzia. After the show, Cee Cee’s companion described Cee Cee’s experience, indicating that she had, “never seen that level of excitement in another human being before! Cee Cee was grinning from ear to ear throughout the entire show!” Cee Cee had an incredible experience at her first life theater show ever, radiating pure joy as she exclaimed, “That was the most fantastic experience of my life!

Photos courtesy of: TTC Studio

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March 19, 2017