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Madeline Finally Visits Mackinac Island

Madeline, 91, from Hoffman Estates, IL, is a very determined woman, and always has been. During WWII, she wanted to serve. At that time, a woman had to be 21 to enlist herself without a parent’s signature. She was six months shy of 21 and her father was reluctant to sign the papers. She told him, “I’m going to do it in six months anyway, so you might as well just sign it now.” He did, and she went to Jacksonville, North Carolina, working as a payroll clerk in the U.S. Marine Corps for two years.

Along with Madeline’s ambitious character, she was born in Missouri, and stayed there until 1956 raising 5 boys and 1 girl. Madeline’s dream has always been to go to Mackinac Island to enjoy the beauty and energy that it possesses. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale sent Madeline, and her friends Lee and Leroy to Mackinac Island on October 22, 2013. While on the island, Madeline and her friends stayed at the historic coastal resort, Grand Hotel. Considering there were so many activities happening in the hotel, majority of her time was spent inside The Grand Hotel. They dined, danced, made friends, enjoyed afternoon tea, and took in gorgeous views from the hotels deck. It was a wish that Madeline said would never fade from her memory and is one for the books.

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