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Marian Sees Her Younger Sister Again

For over 5 years, Marian S., a loving and vibrant 90 year old, has been dreaming of the day when she would get to see her younger sister again. Born in Elkhorn, Nebraska, Marian was the 4th of 8 kids, who eventually settled into farm life in Decatur, Nebraska. She did farm work, milked cows and cleaned out the barns with her many siblings.

When Marian turned 90 years old this year, she took some time to reflect on her life and family. Marian’s last living sibling, an 81 year old younger sister, by the name of Virginia, was unable to attend Marian’s recent 90th birthday party. Virginia has never driven a car in her life and does not have the means to travel from where she lives in Decatur, Nebraska. Marian wishes she could have been at the party and her wish is to now see her sister one last time, as she misses her dearly. Marian reflects on how, “it would be nice to see and talk to my sister, catching up on each other’s lives and to remember the good times when we were all home together. Being from a big family and leaving the farm at different ages left us far in miles but still close at heart.”

Wish of a Lifetime, along with Brookdale Senior Living is ecstatic to be reuniting these two sweet sisters again after over 5 years apart. On May 19th, Marian, along with her son and daughter-in-law, made the 5 hour road trip from Salina, KS to Decatur, Nebraska for this much anticipated reconnection, one made all the more special by Marian’s assertion that, “this will be my last chance to see my sister. I cannot wait!!” The sisters gathered with extended family for a large reunion and fun was had by all.

Photography courtesy of Don Shepard Photography

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