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Marion Tours Palm Beach

Marion H., 92, from Brookdale North Boynton Beach in Florida, grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Ohio. In the 1970s, Marion and her family moved to Florida and started working at a famous historic orange grove. Marion, her husband, her daughter, son-in-law and another couple became the owners of the grove in the 1990s. Marion has worked in the area since then, and finds it interesting to see how the area has changed and improved throughout the years. She has fond memories of driving through the area and seeing all of the extravagant homes, and wanted to experience this again.

In Ohio, Marion was very active in her community. She volunteered at her local church by helping with their activities, and at the County Fair. She and her husband helped start a fair band where Marion played the saxophone and her husband played the trumpet. Their band was so influential that there is now a pavilion named after the couple at the fairgrounds. When she moved to Florida, she and her family were able to preserve and care for the local historic orange grove. The grove was considered a local “legend” and was frequently visited by school groups and tourists.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Marion and her daughter, Barbara, on a Duck Boat tour of the mansions of Palm Beach on May 10, 2017. Marion was very excited to reminisce about her time in the community and learn more about the beautiful homes in the area. Not only was Marion able to see celebrity mansions, but also spend quality time with her other daughter, Donna, and granddaughter, Megan, who attended the tour and made the experience extra special.

Photo credit: Olga Padron, Scribbled Moments Photography

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