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Marvin Meets The Lynx

Marvin H., 73, of Hutchenson, Minnesota has always been committed to doing good for others. Marvin worked hard as a personal care assistant at a local nursing home and as a factory worker for many years. In his spare time, Marvin, an ordained pastor, preached at several different churches in the area and created a program that was executed at several jails throughout the state of Minnesota. Marvin and his wife spent every weekend with inmates for many years, helping to rehabilitate them and teaching them about god. In addition to Marvin’s work with inmates for several decades, him and his wife adopted two children who struggled with special needs. Marvin and his wife dedicated all of their time to raise their children and help them to succeed in their life.

Three years ago, Marvin suffered a pretty significant stroke. Marvin has worked really hard to regain mobility and language capabilities, but is has been a really exhausting, scary and difficult process for him. One of Marvin’s favorite activities to experience with his late daughter was going to Lynx basketball games. Marvin started going with his daughter Rachel in 2011 and it was an activity that they really enjoyed. Marvin and his family have been going to games over the last five years, but Marvin has been a fan of the team since 1999.

Marvin revels at the selfless nature of the Lynx and appreciates being part of the “Lynx Family”. Marvin wished to meet some of his favorite Lynx players in person and got his wish granted. On March 6th, 2017, Wish of a Lifetime and the Minnesota Lynx granted Marvin’s wish of a lifetime. Marvin and his family were able to attend a Lynx practice and get to know some of his favorite players, like Lindsey Whalen and Simone Augustus, in person. Marvin described the day as one of his best, and Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to be able to honor Marvin’s life in this way.

Marvin absolutely enjoyed every second of this experience. It was dad’s day! They were the only people who have ever been able to watch a practice He met his favorite player, Lindsey Whalen

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