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Rama visits her brothers in Florida

Rama McCarty, age 87, has a wish that proves that even time, distance and the effects of early dementia cannot diminish the loving bonds of family. Resident at Brookdale Augusta in Georgia, Rama’s Wish is to visit her two brothers in Ocala, Florida. Rama was born into a large farming family as one of eleven children. She still recalls those early years of life, “We had to work, we had a big farm, we pulled cotton…I even plowed a horse. There were 4 girls born before a boy came along. I had to work like a boy. We were a close family.”

Although life has taken Rama’s family in different directions over the years and some of her siblings have passed away, Rama longs to reunite with her two brothers who reside in Ocala, Florida. This will be a wonderful opportunity for Rama to see her brothers again after several years apart, in what may be perhaps the last chance to do so with her progressive memory loss.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, on March 3rd, 2017, Rama and her two daughters traveled from Augusuta, GA down to Ocala, FL and had the most amazing visit with Rama’s younger brothers, Cordell and Duell. The 3 siblings talked at great length and treasured the time to reconnect after nearly three years apart. After this very special visit, Rama reflected fondly on the experience saying, “I will always treasure the memories of this trip to Florida!”

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