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Mary Helen Shares a Special Day with Two of her Nieces

Mary Helen is a sharp 86 year old from Charlotte, FL. Her Wish of a Lifetime is to meet her sister Betty’s two daughters. She has always had a good relationship with her sister, and they talk on the phone almost every day. Her sister resides in Omaha, NE and has eight children. Mary has only had the opportunity to meet one of her nieces and would love to meet all of them. However, traveling long distances is not an option. Two out of the eight nieces will be traveling to meet her.

Even though she has had tremendous medical obstacles, she still continues to be helpful around her community and join in exercise classes. She always encourages others in the community to attend the classes, and if anyone in the community needs cheering up, she is there. Mary is a true inspiration and an excellent role model for others with disabilities.

Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime were thrilled to be able to send her two nieces, Mary and Sharon, to visit her in Florida on November 8, 2013. While in Florida, a surprise Skype session took place on the 9th between Mary Helen and her sister Betty who she has not seen in 30 years!

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November 8, 2013