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Mary L., 98, Takes to The Skies At Last.

Mary L., 98, of Bradenton, Florida, has dreamed of being ‘weightless’ since she saw the first man on the moon. Mary has experienced many adventures in her life, and flying a plane was always one that she dreamed of doing. Even at 98 years old, Mary is out to prove that age is just a number. Despite losing friends and loved ones in recent years, Mary’s constant positivity is inspiring to those around her.

Mary has had a life full of perseverance and adventure, and wished for this one last adventure, one that she has had dreams about for several decades. Mary has always been very engaged in service and in advocating for others. Mary was a state hospital volunteer for many years. Mary also served as the president of the Women’s Club in Maryland for two years before Mary and her husband moved to Florida. In Florida, she was the president of the women’s golf club, which held over 200 members. Currently, Mary is on the dining committee at her Brookdale community, working to ensure that as many residents are satisfied with their meal options as possible. Mary has always stayed active in her community and continues to work hard to serve others and improve the world around her.

Together, Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living are thrilled to have been able to grant this special wish for Mary and honor her longest standing dream. On February 2nd, 2017, Mary Ledbetter, our 98 year old wish recipient, took to the skies. Mary was able to fly with all of her friends watching, and had ‘her day’, finally. Nominator Katie told me that she had never seen Mary so full of life and excited. The day was perfect and it was one that everybody involved will remember forever.

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