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Ernie Goes Back Out on the Town

Ernie, 86, of Denver, Colorado is a loving man whose positivity and love of life has allowed him to overcome many obstacles. Even after living through the Great Depression, working many labor intensive jobs and undergoing a very stressful divorce, Ernie has been able to stay joyful and bring light to others.

Unfortunately, Ernie was recently given a hospice diagnosis due to kidney failure. He’s not able to stay as active as he used to, and misses his independence. According to the person who nominated him for the Wish, he often dreams of all that he’ll accomplish the next day, and then wakes up to realize that he’s not able to do anything because of his health. Ernie Wished to have an evening with his daughter, son-in-law and grandaughter, whom he is incredibly close to.

Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to be grant Ernie’s wish and provide a special and memorable evening for him at Pappadeaux. Ernie and his family had an incredible night full of smiles, laughs and great food!

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