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Mike Celebrates His 95th Birthday With Family

Mike P., 94, of Niles, IL, is a selfless veteran, father, husband, and neighbor. He has a great sense of humor and he genuinely cares for everyone around him. In May 2015, Mike turned 95. To celebrate his 95th birthday, Mike wished to return to California where he grew up and where his family still resides.

After college, Mike served in the Navy during WWII. After his service, Mike and his wife settled in a suburb of Chicago and raised their two children. Mike enjoys volunteering and being a part of his children’s lives. Mike was a Cub Master for his son’s Cub Scout troop and served as the Vice President of his son’s and daughter’s school board. After retiring, Mike and his wife moved into Brookdale Niles. At their new home, Mike is always willing to help his fellow neighbors. He started a comedy club where he spreads joy and positivity among the residents. He is also a part of a older adult choir that performs free concerts.

As his 95th year approached him, Mike realized that his biggest regret in life was not seeing his family more often. Since moving to Illinois, Mike rarely had the opportunity to visit California and spend time with the family he grew up with. On his 95th birthday, Mike wished to go back to his roots to celebrate his birthday and life journey.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, Mike returned to California with his daughter in May 2015… just in time to celebrate his 95th birthday! Mike’s sister planned a big family gathering in honor of Mike. Mike enjoyed spending the day with his siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews. “It made my entire year!” Mike said following the trip.

Photos by John Fuentes Photography

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