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Martin Goes Fishing With Family

Martin B., 93, is a family man who resides in Westminster, Colorado. Originally from Germany, Martin moved to the U.S. at the age of 7 along with his mother and two siblings. He and his family moved to Denver soon after their arrival and at the age of 20, he received his citizenship and joined the Navy. Being from Germany, the U.S. would not let him fight oversees, so he was stationed on the west coast and left Pearl Harbor just days before the bombing. During his time in the Navy, Martin received a number of ribbons, awards, and stars. After having an honorable discharge from the Navy after 6 years, he got married and had 3 children. He has numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren!

A couple years before the turn of the century, Martin went under a leg amputation and then a few years ago, his remaining leg was amputated. Martin is currently living with terminal cancer and wanted nothing more than to see the family in Wisconsin that he hasn’t seen in almost 3 years. In May of 2015, Martin’s Wish of a Lifetime came true when he and his daughter traveled over 1,100 miles from Colorado to Wisconsin to see his beloved family. Martin had an amazing time with his family and enjoyed spending quality time bonding with his great grandson in their shared passion of fishing!

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