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Mollie Fulfills Her Dream of Skydiving

Mollie K. of Brookdale Irving in Texas has always been a very caring and adventurous individual. Ever since she was thirteen years old, Mollie has dreamed of the day where she would have the opportunity to go skydiving.

As a volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol during World War II, Mollie learned to pack parachutes and vowed that one day she would be the one jumping out of the plane. Over the years Mollie has received several tattoos of butterflies and birds, which were representations of how she wanted to “soar” through the air. Now at the age of 86, Mollie was determined to fulfill her wish to go skydiving.

Mollie has spent her life caring for others, especially her husband and seven kids. Her desire to skydive was placed on hold due to the fact she spent many years raising her children. After her children grew up and started having kids of their own, Mollie did everything she could to help raise her grandchildren as well. She was able to fund dental school for one of her granddaughters. After her granddaughter graduated at the top of her class, she gave her golden rope to Mollie to show that she truly appreciated the help that her grandmother gave her.

Wish of a Lifetime, Brookdale, and SCA-Tena were honored to give Mollie the chance to go skydiving on May 28, 2015. Decades after she made the promise that she would one day go skydiving, Mollie was finally able to make the “leap” out of the airplane. She said it was the most incredible feeling she has ever experienced, and that she was very thankful that she had the opportunity to fulfill her wish.

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