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Shirley Sets Sail With Team SCA

Shirley started college during WWII but left without her degree to start her family. Once her sons had grown up, she went back to school and finished her degree and embarked on a 25 year career as a librarian. She loved exposing younger generations to a world of knowledge and after retirement she continued to volunteer for many years. Today at the age of 90, Shirley is the picture of good health. When she heard that an all-women’s sailing in the midst of racing around the world as part of the Volvo Ocean Race was going to be pulling into port nearby, she knew she had to go. She wants not only to indulge in her passion for sailing but to also meet the brave and accomplished women undertaking such a momentous journey.

With the help of Wish of a Lifetime, Team SCA and Tena, Shirley partook in the ultimate sailing adventure on May 15th, 2015. After enjoying lunch with friends from South Bay Retirement Living, she set sail with Team SCA, the only all-female sailing team in the competition. Along with her daughter-in-law Helen, Shirley experienced sailing at the professional level on Team SCA’s VO65 replica boat. It was, as Shirley put it, “Thrilling….and the dream of a lifetime.”

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