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Pat Relives Her Time at Walmart

Pat Farmer, 78, has always been a caring and compassionate individual. Currently residing at the Clare Bridge of Fort Collins in Colorado, she is always the first to volunteer to help with any tasks the staff may need help with. Pat’s Wish of a Lifetime is to have the opportunity to wear the Walmart vest and name tag one more time.

Pat lived in Silverthorne, CO for a total of 53 years- raising all three of her children in the small mountain town. She lost her husband in a tragic car accident when he was only 54-years-old, causing Pat to seek a job. Shortly after his passing, Pat became a greeter at the Walmart in Frisco, CO. She loved having the opportunity to help and welcome shoppers with a friendly smile. Pat quickly became recognized by Walmart as an outstanding employee, and received numerous awards that showcased her dedication and hard work.

After working at Walmart for over a decade, Pat began to notice that she was showing signs of a memory impairment, and had to eventually leave her position. Pat maintains her “greeter” mentality by greeting everyone in her community and any one she meets on her outings. She loves speaking about her time at Walmart, and if she is having a difficult day, the mention of Walmart snaps her back into an upbeat mood.

Though Pat hung up her Walmart vest many years ago, she wants nothing more than to have the opportunity to put on a greeter vest one more time. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to make this wish a reality by getting a Walmart vest and name tag for Pat in June 2015. Pat finally had the opportunity to relive the joy she felt when she was an employee of Walmart.

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