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Patrick and Melvin Go to RBC Heritage Golf Tournament 2017

Patrick C., 70, was first introduced to the sport of golf when he was 4 years old. The first time he played was at the tender age of 5, which sparked a life-long passion of golf for him. As a small child he lived a half of a block away from the country club that his family frequented. By the time Patrick was 19 years old he was playing golf professionally. He had the opportunity to play in various tournaments across the country but due to having a wife and children this became very difficult, and Patrick ended his golfing career to better care for his family.

Currently residing at Brookdale Deland in Atlanta, GA Patrick still has a strong passion for golf but due to physical limitations Patrick is no longer able to play the sport. Having the opportunity to attend the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament in Hilton Head, SC allowed Patrick to once more immerse himself in his favorite past-time.

After Patrick retired from being a professional golfer in 1977 he began a sales career for a lumber yard Dougherty Lumber Co. in Cleveland, OH. Patrick was self-taught in the lumber business became incredibly skilled at his career and even became the go-to person for how to effectively run a lumber yard. He left Dougherty Lumber Co in 1992 and started his own Import/Export Lumber Company in Florida. He became so successful that his import/export business took him to Russia, China, and Bosnia after the Bosnian war. He was asked by lumber companies in Russia and Bosnia to help them set up their lumber yards and mills in the same manner as the United States. This was so successful that he received recognition from the White House in 1993-1994(could not recall the exact year).

Patrick was diagnosed with Ischemic Dementia in 2012 which has progressively worsened. He still talks about golfing and all of his memories in Pittsburgh while he was playing golf. Patrick has lost most of his short term memory; oddly he never reminisces of his lumber days, only golfing.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale are excited to help make Patrick’s wish come true by sending him and his daughter, Christine, to Hilton Head, SC.

Melvin A., 87, has had a passion for golf since he was a young boy. Growing up on a farm, Melvin began hitting golf balls around his yard. When he was a teenager, Melvin worked at a local country club as a caddy. This was a blessing for the club offered the caddy’s free days to play on the course, something that was quite expensive to do otherwise. Melvin had the opportunity to attend some local tournaments that were located at the country club, but he never had the opportunity to attend a PGA tournament.

Currently residing at Brookdale Vinings, Melvin still has a passion for golf but can no longer play the sport. Melvin’s wish of a lifetime was to have the opportunity to attend the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament in Hilton Head, SC.

Melvin has always enjoyed helping others, and especially loved caring for his family. When he was a young boy he was in the Cubs Scouts. After graduating High School, Melvin was sent to serve in the US Army during the Korean War. Melvin served as a US Army Paratrooper and was part of the 82nd Airborne Infantry. Although Melvin was never sent to Korea, he still endured intense training’s with his unit.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to send Melvin to the RBC Heritage 2017 in April with his Daughter, Tami. Melvin was able to attend the tournament on April 16th, which was the final round.

Photographer: Arno Dimmling

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April 16, 2017