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Herman R., 90, Visits New York City For The First Time.

Mr. Herman R., of Morrisville, North Carolina, is a 90 year old man who has lived in a small town in North Carolina for his entire life. Herman has led a very busy and full life, raising five children alongside his wife and opening his own carpeting business. Herman was the first African American small business owner who worked in the carpeting business. Herman faced discrimination, which made it difficult for him to succeed in business. Herman describes having to deliver carpet to client’s back doors, because they would not allow him to come in the front.

Despite those significant obstacles, Herman ran a successful business for many decades and was able to afford to give back to the community in his later years. After many years of hard work, Herman finally has the opportunity to explore some of his dreams. As a small city man who gave everything to his children, Herman never thought about traveling. Herman daughter Gwen told me that her dad never even took a trip. She described that when her family went on a trip, Herman would go for the weekend’s but return to work for the week in between. He never took a day off, and therefore Wish of a Lifetime was proud to send him on a special trip in style.

On his 90th birthday weekend, Wish of a Lifetime sent Herman to New York City where he and his family took a special tour around New York City, went to a Yankee’s game and had a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty. Herman was in pure awe of the weekend, and his family said they had never seen him smiling that much. Wish of a Lifetime is proud to have successfully sent Herman on the “best trip of his life” and will never forget the amazing sacrifice that this humble man made for his community, family and country.

Pictures courtesy of Hannah Cohen

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