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Patsy Attend’s Beautiful: Carole King’s Story

Patsy R., 86, has a deep connection to music and Broadway shows. Although she has not been to many live musicals, she has seen a lot of Broadway shows on DVD. A few years ago she went to a live musical and could not stop talking about it for months. Patsy’s wish of a lifetime was to be able to see one more musical with her daughter, Debbie.

Pasty and her second husband lived in Middleton, OH for nearly their entire life. A few years ago her husband fell ill and they needed to move to Kansas to be closer to family. At this time the both of them moved in to Brookdale Overland Park. Sadly the beginning of this year Patsy lost her husband and it has been something that has changed her entire outlook on life. Patsy is also currently living with a memory impairment, but still has such a love for music that it is something that can bring a smile to her face no matter her mood.

Patsy dedicated a great portion of her life to serving others. She volunteered for a total of 5,000 hours at a local hospital in Middleton. She helped out in the pediatric department was also on the Auxiliary board at the hospital. Every year the hospital would place on a musical as a fundraiser and Patsy would volunteer to help place this together. Patsy also volunteered at an animal shelter, helping to feed the animals and walk the dogs.

Due to her passion for music, Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were excited to send Patsy and Debbie to see Beautiful: The Carole King Story at the Music Hall in Kansas City, KS. Leading up to the event Patsy was recalling that she was going to be doing something with the theater, which is a rarity for her to recall new information such as this. Debbie stated that her mother was incredibly happy and excited through out the entire event. This wish was a blessing to Patsy and her daughter as they were able to spend time with one another.

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