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Bobbie Goes Sailing

Bobbie E., 87, from Brookdale North Boynton Beach in Florida, has been an avid sailor for 60 years. Some of her fondest memories are being on a sailboat with her late husband. It all began a few years into their marriage when they took a trip to Aruba. They decided to try sailing on a very small sailboat without much experience. They were not accustomed to the winds and Bobbie repeatedly fell overboard as they tried to get the hang of it. Fortunately this first difficult experience did not scare them away. Instead, when the couple returned home to New Jersey, they decided to buy their own sailboat. Together, they went on numerous voyages and met many interesting and friendly people along the way. It was Bobbie’s wish to go sailing on a chartered sailboat and experience the peace of being on the water again.

Bobbie has not only been dedicated to sailing throughout her life, but also to her community. For many years, she volunteered for the Hadassah Organization by helping young children learn how to read. Today, Bobbie is part of her Brookdale Welcome Committee and enjoys welcoming newcomers to the community.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Bobbie and her friend, Roz, on a three hour chartered sailboat with Carpe Vita Sailboat Charters on March 28, 2017. Bobbie had not gone sailing for at least 10 years and hoped this experience would put her at peace with her husband’s passing. Overall, Bobbie said the sailing experience was “Joyful and relaxed, very very peaceful.” Bobbie enjoyed reminiscing about the wonderful times with her husband, and created new sailing memories with Roz.

Photo credit: Alan Wilco, Wilco Studio Photography

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March 28, 2017