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Patsy goes to Florida to see the Ocean

Patsy Henderson, 80, from Brookdale Carmel, and her husband of 46 years raised their three daughters in Frankfort, Indiana. When the girls were growing up, the family frequently visited Daytona Beach. Patsy and her daughters have fond memories of being together as a family and enjoying the sunshine in Florida. During this time, Patsy and her husband dreamed about a future of retiring on the warm beaches of Florida. The couple even purchased a retirement home in Florida to prepare for their future. Sadly, Patsy’s husband died before they retired. Not only was Patsy unable to fulfill this long-standing dream, but she was also left to deal with the grief of losing her husband and their fantasy of a utopia retirement.

Patsy is a small-town woman who has gracefully and selflessly put others needs in front of her own for decades. She has become a staple of selflessness in Carmel, Indiana and spent many years volunteering with her church. It has been a long time since Patsy has spent quality time with her daughters all together, and she dreams of reuniting at the ocean.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were thrilled to grant Patsy the opportunity to be by the ocean once again with her daughters, Cindy and Kelly. From June 6-9, they enjoyed the sunshine and sand in Daytona Beach. Patsy had not been to the beach in over 10 years, and was excited to return. Not only did this wish connect Patsy with her late husband and provide closure, but also provided a chance to enjoy time with her family. Danielle, the Brookdale Carmel Program Coordinator, said “Patsy is still talking about Florida!”

Photo credit: Bill Pohl, William Pohl Photography

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