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Phyllis Goes to the Salon Again

Phyllis Fleming, 81, is a selfless woman who has always put her family before herself. Raising her children on her own, she became focused on the quality of their upbringing over anything else. As she has grown older, Phyllis has endured many health complications that have negatively impacted her entire well-being, including the decline of her vision. Before she got sick, she would go to the hairdresser every week to maintain her self-confidence. Due to struggling with medical ailments and finance restrictions, having the opportunity to get her nails and hair done have not been an option for quite some time.

Phyllis worked accounts payable for an independent firm throughout her life until she retired. Through retirement, she still involved with certain activities that are important to her. One of Phyllis’ favorite pastimes revolved around a good read, but unfortunately, her medical setbacks have not allowed her to read as well as she used to. Now, she enjoys listening to Walker Texas Ranger. Though she has seen every episode at least 100 times each, it never ceases to make her smile.

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This strong woman has been through many hardships, and her only wish would be to visit the parlor one last time. Phyllis remembers how when she was younger she would always have the opportunity to visit the beauty parlor at least once a week. Even during harder times in her life, it was important to Phyllis to have the opportunity to “make herself up” and to keep up with her friends in town. She felt this experience would give her the chance to once more reflect back on times when she felt happiest.

Wish of a Lifetime made Phyllis’ Wish a reality by sending her to Gloss Salon in Omaha, NE where she received a perm, manicure and pedicure on April 3, 2016. The girls at Gloss Salon made Phyllis feel incredibly special. “She could not stop smiling!” stated her daughter Joni. “Thank you for making her feel like her old self. It meant so much to her and to me.”

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Photography Credits Don Shephard

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June 22, 2016