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Phyllis Watches The Kansas Jayhawks Dunk and Defeat The Montana Grizzlies

For over 50 years, Phyllis, 86, from Brookdale has been following the sport of Basketball. She loves watching one team in particular- the University of Kansas Jayhawks, which prompted her Wish of a Lifetime to attend a Jayhawks game with her beloved friend Eleanor. She had a blast cheering on the Jayhawks.

Thanks to Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime, Phyllis’s wish came true on December 19, 2015 as she watched the KU Jayhawks vs. Montana Grizzlies court side from the Allen Fieldhouse! Phyllis and her husband used to watch all of the Jayhawks games together, when her husband passed, she continued to watch the games and even follow the NBA careers of old Jayhawks players. Although it had always been a wish of theirs to attend a Jayhawks game together, Phyllis said, “I had enough fun for the two of us!”

Not only did Phyllis get to experience the thrill of the game, she also met her favorite player Perry Ellis, and enjoyed a special tour of the Booth Family Hall of Athletics. She was able to see how she measured up in comparison to some of the players shoe sizes and even the size of their hands. Upon seeing the old basketball uniforms in the Hall of Athletics, Phyllis said, “I can’t believe how short their shorts used to be!” Not only did she get to experience a game and take in the excitement and energy, she was also able to celebrate her passion for basketball which has been a central part of her life for many years.

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